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9 Spooky Snacks to Try this Falloween!

Whether you're hosting a party, attending one, or just looking for a midnight munchie these 9 spooky snacks are the perfect treats for this October!

Of course, when there's something strange in the neighbor and you're looking for quality help to feed some ghoulish guests, who ya gunna call?.... South Bay Food Company!!

Our catering recipes offer a more flavorful version of each of the treats listed below, but for your enjoyment we've provided the at-home version of our treats so you can have fun cooking too!

Now let's get snacking!

#1 Frankenstein's Monster

Rice Crispy treats, meet your worst nightmare!

This sweet, crunchy treat is both adorable and haunting. Frankenstein's Monster is waiting for his party invitation!

At-Home Ingredients: Rice Crispy Treats



Edible googly eyes

We like to add extra sprinkles to our Monsters!

#2 Ghostly Strawberries

Boo! Taste the treat and then the trick as the sweet and sour flavors mix into a dead-good snack

ready to be shared. Keep an eye on them though, these fruity ghosts have a habit of disappearing.

At-Home Ingredients


Icing, frosting, or a sweet glaze

Edible googly eyes

Our ghostly strawberries are dipped in homemade

white chocolate!

#3 Mummified Piglet

The first little piggy went to the cemetry, the

second little piggy went to the crypt, and the third

little piggy went "have you pigs seen my pyramid?"

No, but we've seen these delicious snacks!

At-Home Ingredients:

Sausages, hot dogs, or veggie dogs

Pillsbury Cresents or an equivalent

Our mummified piglets come with honey mustard dipping sauce and a homemade wrapping!

#4 Spider Egg Cookies

Wait! Before you squish these eggs with a hammer or flamethrow them from within the safety of a hazmat suit, give them a try. They are much

tastier than they sound. We promise! You'll be caught in their irresistible web before you can say,


At-Home Ingredients:

Sugar cookies


Black licorice, tootsie rolls, or Kit Kays

Edible googly eyes

Our spider egg cookies are made from scratch, bite sized, and covered in walnut powdered sugar!

#5 Graveyard Diggin'

Looks like you'll strike gold in this one! The gummy worms like to wriggle in the pudding-like dirt and crumbly cookie gravel, but don't be afraid to dig in to see what you'll find!

At-Home Ingredients:

Chocolate Pudding

Oreos or an equivalent

Gummy worms

We like to add some candy bones to our graves!

#6 Deviled Dragons Eggs

Don't worry, the Devil isn't here, it's just that these eggs are so devishly delicious! No dragons were harmed in the making of this treat.

At-Home Ingredients:







Food coloring

Our dragons eggs, however, are made with wasabi and avocado!

#7 Bat Wings

Mm tastes like chicken! Pick your posionouse sauce, dip, and enjoy! 'Nuff said.

At-Home Ingredients:

Chicken wings

Dip of choice

With our bats wings we like to provide dips such as mamas hot sauce, teriyaki sauce, and ranch and blue cheese dipping sauce!

#8 6 Feet Under

Dip your chips 6 feet under this bean dip to enjoy the many flavors inside.

At-Home Ingredients:

Beans of choice



Cheese of choice

Sour Cream



In our bean dip we like to make our guacamole from scratch!

#9 Vampire Vengeance

Garlic, cheese, and marinara, oh my! Watch out vampies, we're protecting ourselves with the power of food! This Falloween garlic bread will keep you safe from blood-sucking hunger and the midnight munchies!

At-Home Ingredients:

Bread of choice


Garlic salt

Tomato based sauce

In our garlic bread we like to add spinach! We also get our bread freshly made by Le Pain Dujour!

Do you have any favorite Falloween snacks you make at home?? Let us know in the comments below - we would love to hear from you! And if you're interetsed in any of our give us a call or PM us for the SBFC style of the recipe!

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