Stay healthy and Make an impact!

Designed with your likes, sustainability and health in mind!

South Bay Food Company meal plan concept is simple, to deliver seasonal fresh food that tastes great and is specifically designed for you. We do a “Trust the Chef” like experience. Where every week we create a special menu tailored to our clients needs. We choose this method in order to reduce the need to hold ingredients on the shelf, thus creating a significantly fresher meal that has never been frozen. Because we do things this way, it allows us to shop and buy most our ingredients no more than 20 hours before our meals our put together. That means we shop, cook and drop off almost all our meals within a 24 hour time span. Other places hold your meal in the fridge for a couple days before it gets to you! Although, If there is something that you’ve tried of ours that you like, you can always put in a request to repeat it for a future weeks drop off!  By filling out a brief questionnaire, we can deliver fresh quality meals to your door step that were made to fit your diet, likes and dislikes.  Oh yeah by the way, this ofcourse includes vegan and plant based diets. :)