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  • Basic Plan

    Every week
    Great for one person, who needs extra healthy meals around!
    • X4 Regular Size meals delivered free on Monday or Wednesday
  • Semi Pro Plan

    Every week
    10 Regular Sized meals per week!
    • x4 Meals Monday, x6 Meals Wednesday
  • Pro Plan

    Every week
    10 Large sized meals per week! Perfect for the Busy Bee's
    • x4 Meals Monday x6 Meals Wednesday

Introducing the TRUST THE CHEF Concept!

"Help reduce food waste one meal at a time"

Our Goal 

Our goal is to introduce people to tasty, healthy, and primarily plant-forward diets in order to help reduce each person's carbon footprint along with increase their overall health. 

How It Works 

In the busy, fast-paced environment we live in, developing healthy habits is no easy feat. This is why we've come up with a system of our own to help others change the world and their diets without stress. So what's on the menu then, Chef?

There is no menu! Crazy, right? Instead, our meal plans consist of a unique variety of  personalized meals designed specifically for your needs. We provide delicious meat or meat-free options in neatly packed containers prepared for easy-store or to-go convenience. 


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How Do We Prepare Our Food?

We prepare our food using organic, all-natural, grass-fed ingredients in the industrial kitchen of one of our two local locations, The Elk's Lodge 1387 & The American Legion, Post 184.  

As the premier food company of the South Bay, we are making an active effort to obtain the highest quality  ingredients. 

Image by Rufus O’Dea
We partner with local vendors to provide you with all-natural foods and to fight against climate change.  

And all-organic is a must for us - Free Range, Grass Fed, and Wild Caught are our priority.  

Who's Cooking?

               Our professional Chef Reilly, along with a local team of

                             experienced cooks, personally prepare each meal in order                         to provide our clients with the freshest food possible.