Local Partnerships

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South Bay Food Company has expanded from our modest in-home kitchen to a local, non-profit veterans hall. We’d like to thank the American Legion Post 184 for welcoming us into their historic landmark and for inspiring us to do what we can to provide for our community.
Now that we’ve settled into our new home, our goal is to continue to provide our community with quick, healthy, and delicious food choices. Whether you are on a tight schedule, hosting a large group of people, or in need of time out of the house, South Bay Food Company offers a variety of services such as food to-go, outside seating, meal prepping, catering and private events because we want to help you to be your best self in the best way we know how. To us, food isn’t just food. Food is a lifestyle changer, a memory maker, and a storyteller. Best of all, food is also a way to give back.
For every meal you purchase from South Bay Food Company, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to the American Legion Post 184 in support of those who have served our country. Though our current donations reside solely for veterans in Redondo Beach, with your continued support, we’d like to expand how we can benefit both you and our community. Together we can make an impact through kindness and food, because we all know the world could us a little more of both!