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Community counts, not just because its where we live but because community brings people together. and we love our community!! The South Bay is rich in history, and even more rich in inspirational human beings. This is why we've partnered with local venues to bring you a comfortable, delicious, and unique experience when you dine with us.

Let's celebrate who we are together! 

The Elk's Lodge, 1378

315 Esplanade, Redondo Beach, CA, 90277


Days of Operation for Members Only

Dinners Daily






Established in 1919, the Elk's Lodge 1378 has become a historic icon in Redondo Beach. Over the years this community hub has changed in appearance many times, but never in spirit! 

old Redondo 

Between the late 1800s to the early 1900s, old Redondo thrived on lumber trade, commercial train routes, and most of all the summer tourists. the founders of our city believed in the bright future of our community and sought to draw people in with the iconic beach culture that we still celebrate today. 


In 1889, the Redondo railway company was born. As a result of this, the Redondo railway depot was built on the very plot our elks lodge now resides. The building was located between the infamous hotel Redondo and what is now veterans park. this railway station served as a supplies transport up until 1890 when the train service opened up for commercial use. 

for a handful of decades, the Redondo railway depot welcomed people of all kinds into our beautiful beach community. history was in the making, as were the economy and culture of our city. 

new Redondo 

around 1909 old Redondo transformed into new Redondo, and along with the change in name came the addition of city hall and the library that sits on the edge of veterans park. unfortunately, not long after this, the historic railway depot was permanently closed. the plot of land later destined to house elks lodge 1378 became a 

Before elks lodge #1378 moved in, the Redondo Beach lodge #1378 CALLED THE OLD DEPOT PLOT HOME. THIS LODGE WAS DEDICATED TO 

On December 5th, 1919, the charter membership purchased the Redondo Beach lodge #1378 for $25,000 (which is about $394,658 today). 

more coming soon!


Coming soon! 


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