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Sunset on the Beach

We Are South Bay Food Company, a meal prep and catering business dedicated to helping others grow into their best selves through delicious yet healthy, all-natural, and sustainable food. We take pride in what we do not just because we love to cook for others but because we do it with the intention of benefitting our community.

Our Mission

To us, food isn't just fuel. Food can be a life changer, a memory maker, a storyteller, a community strengthener, and more! Our mission is to use our passions for food and friendship to educate our part of the world on food sustainability in an empowering, inclusive, and engaging way so that together we may build a healthier future. 

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A healthy world starts with Us.

Our Story

Not long ago, we started off as a group of likeminded foodies who share a passion for friends, a good drink, and all things food-related. While our group was creating new recipes and making exciting memories, we realized that we wanted to provide our community with the same inspiring feeling we get when we spend time together. Thus, Reilly Cooks began to form. From our in-home kitchen and with the support of our growing foodie family, our modest business quickly transformed into South Bay Food Company. We now proudly provide services all across the South Bay community. 

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