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Tea Time Tips

Happy New Year Foodie Family!

To kick off this year's cooking fun we have a few tips to transform your tea time from a quick-hot-drink fix to a Wonderland experience. Because why drink a cup of tea by yourself when you can share the moment with the ones you love?

Let's make Tea Time a beloved memory!

  1. Pick a Sweet Tea-Spot!

Luckily, Tea Time can be held nearly anywhere! From your dining room to a park picnic to an office space, tea is transportable and easy to brew. Where you decide to hold your party establishes the vibe of your Tea Time. Do you want people to feel energetic, elegant, or meditative? Do you want them to dress up in gowns or pajamas? Are you plannig on serving snacks, meals, or just drinks? Before you send out the invites or set up the kettle we suggest that you decide upon the location that suits your ideal atmosphere.

2. Once Upon a Theme

Whether you wish to throw a laid-back shindig or a Victorian style brunch, Tea Time decor can also determine atmosphere. Tea Time doesn't require elaborate decoration, but if you're looking to host a more formal event then ornamentation is reccomended.

3. How to Choose the Perfect Flavors

When in doubt Black Tea or Camomile are classic choices that will bring peace to the party, but if you're looking for something a little more specific, each type of tea provides a different benefit for your body and mood. If your focus is taste, then we suggest choosing based off of your location, such as floral for a garden or peppermint for a holiday bash. Either way, you can't go wrong with tea!

4. When Brewing Tea

This process could be considered a science, and, to some degree, it is. The type of tea you choose changes the amount of time you should steep the leaves in boiling water. The longer you let the herbs sit, the darker and stronger the drink will be. Be careful, because not every tea has the same strength. Each tea requires a different steeping time.

5. Savory Finger Foods

Finger foods should be simple, easy to grab, and mess free. We suggest sliced fruit & veg, cheese & crackers, and/or sandwiches such as: cucumber, tuna, egg, PB&J, and ham. These are universal, transportable, and require little prep time. Tea Time should be as stressless as possible for everyone involved, even the host!

6. Picking the Perfect Pastries

Tea Time is like a three course meal, except for that everything is served at once and you could spend hours chatting with friends, sipping tea, and nibbling on goodies. These goodies could include sweet treats such as scones with butter cream and jam, eclairs, tea cakes, and more! You could pick 1 or 2 or create a diverse platter of tasters for your guests to indulge in.

Is it time for tea yet?


Thank you Torrance Bakery for providing the baked goods for our terrific Tea Time at Valmonte Farms in Palos Verdes!

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