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Recipe: Chef's-Pick Charcuterie Board

Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Cooking Time: 10 Minutes

Enjoyment Time: Infinite Minutes

(...or until the food is all gone!)

Ingredients: Mix & Match!

Something we love about charcuterie boards is that they are entirely customizable! Whether you and your party have a taste for brie or sharp cheddar, bread or crackers, and cashews or grapes, this versatile appetizer is built to satisfy all of your seasonal cravings at any occasion.

What kind of foods are going to be on your board this coming holiday?

Let's get cooking and find out!

The magic of cooking begins with with a clean slate, but by the end of this article you will have a platter artfully filled with delectable finger foods perfect for in-laws, a date night, or a party!

Step 1: Pick Your Cheese(s)

*If dairy is not an option, you can substitute this with cheese-alternatives or discard this step*

We recommend:

- Brie

- Gouda

- Mozarella

- Cheddar


- Goat Cheese

For our board today, we've picked brie and mozzarella!

Step 2: Pick Your Meat(s)

*If meat is not an option, you can substitute this with meat-alternatives or discard this step*

We reccomend:

- Prosciutto

- Salami

- Sopressata

- Pepperoni


- Mortadella

For our board today, we've picked prosciutto and salami!

Step 3: Pick Your Crunch

We recommend (Gluten):

- French bread slices

- Thin pretzels

- Rice crackers

- Sea Salt Crackers


- Pita Chips

We recommend (Gluten-Free):

- Carrots

- Bell peppers

- Celery

- Pickles


- Cucumbers

For our board today, we've picked French bread slices and bell peppers!

Step 4: Pick Your Accent Snack

We recommend:

- Grapes

- Olives

- Cherry tomatoes

- Sliced pears


- Mixed nuts

For our board today, we've picked cherry tomatoes!

Step 5 (Optional): Pick Your Spread(s)

We recommend:

- Cream cheese

- Avocado

- Peppered olive oil

- Artichoke dip


- Hummus

For our board today, we've picked peppered olive oil and hummus!

Step 6 (Optional): Pick Your Sweet(s)

We recommend:

- Dark chocolate

- Macarons

- Truffles

- Shortbread cookies


- Chocolate covered expresso beans

For our board today, we've picked dark chocolate!

Have you gathered all of your choice ingredients?

Perfect, us too!

Once the shopping is done all that's left to do is to slice the ingredients into bite-sized pieces and place them onto your board!

And in less than a 30 minutes you can have something like this:

So, what does your holiday charcuterie board look like??

Let us know in the comments below - we'd love to hear from you!

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