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"Help reduce food waste one meal at a time"


In the busy and quick-paced environment we live in, developing healthy habits is no easy feat. This is why we've come up with a system of our own to help others change the world and their diets without stress. Thats right, WE curate meals specifically for you based on your preferences. That means, THERE IS NO MENU! What?! Are these people crazy no menu.. How could they! We know how it sounds. But seriously, we take the thought out of sustainable healthy eating. All you do is fill out a brief preference and information questionnaire which is your opportunity to tell us what you like! From there one of our representatives will reach out to you regarding your specific meal plan! 


Our goal, is to introduce people to tasty, healthy primarily plant-forward diets, with the hopes of making an impact in reducing each persons carbon footprint and increasing their overall health while doing so.

But how does South Bay Food Company pick, prepare, and provide it's clients with nutritious and Earth-friendly foods? 

As the premier food company of the South Bay, we are making an active effort to obtain the highest quality  ingredients. 

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We partner with local vendors to provide you with all-natural foods and to fight against climate change.

And all-organic is a must for us - Free Range, Grass Fed, and Wild Caught are our priority.    

And yet there's still more that can be done to

make a difference! 

As South Bay Food Company thrives and our community strengthens, we wish to develop a simple, efficient, and engaging way for people to make a positive impact in the South Bay through food. So keep an eye out for more information because our foodie family is growing every day! 

Sustainability Through Food 101 Coming Soon!

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